P.R.I.A. Education services aid learners in their personal, professional, and academic pursuits through personalized learning styles and various data-based education programs.  We specialize in successfully supporting and guiding learners with their unique educational needs and objectives.  P.R.I.A. is dedicated to helping our individuals, organizations, institutions, and agencies reach their goals.

Tailored Programs

P.R.I.A. Education programs are tailored to each stage of academia, career, and organizational change. This includes a range of programs for institutions, organizations, and agencies. We create support teams that guide personalized programs for increased productivity for individuals and groups to reach their goals. Since 2005, P.R.I.A. has successfully implemented a wide range of data-based self-study and assessments for online or in-person programs, for institutional-based or in-home settings which resulted in increased productivity assessment.


Nationally Recognized Learning for Success

P.R.I.A. develops flexible education options for individuals, organizations, agencies, and institutions in private, public, or home in local, national, and international.  We have provided year-round online classes, tutoring, credit by exam, and school-based coursework with an accredited university program.  P.R.I.A. is an official testing center for nationally and internationally recognized Texas University’s k-12 distance and e-learning courses.

At P.R.I.A., we have a supportive learning environment for our students and their parents. Our students have benefited from taking AP self-study courses, dual-credit college courses, independent study courses, and electives. They have also participated in extra-curriculum programs, work-study programs, and community volunteer activities. For over a decade, we have developed and grown a flexible middle- and high-school educational experience that is unique and successful.