We understand the critical need for a safe and
an intellectually challenging educational environment for

Why P.R.I.A.?

We believe that 21st century learning should include a strong academic and
creative fine arts program. P.R.I.A. provides individual and small-group learning
environments. P.R.I.A. specialists engage students through proven and
successful methods, that prepare them for their next academic challenge.



Our educational goals are for ALL students to become successful in traditional
and non-traditional school settings as well as life.



To provide mentorship and support for students who face challenges in their
educational environment. Our programs place an emphasis on developing well-
rounded, balanced, organized and achieving students.


P.R.I.A.’s services aid students in their academic pursuits through personalized learning and education program’s.  We specialize in successfully supporting and guiding learners with their unique educational needs.  P.R.I.A. educators are dedicated to helping our student’s reach their academic goals.  P.R.I.A. staff members pass criminal background checks.